About us

Medieval Realm can offer a wide variety of entertaining demonstrations and living history displays, we have spent time working to ensure our encampments of living history displays are both informative and interesting showing many different aspects of medieval life, from the spectacular fully dressed lords and ladies tents to the working tents of the armourer, surgeon, cook, herbalist, illuminator and story teller, you may even hear our musician playing in our banquet tent. All of our re-enactors have an artisans role and are more than happy to talk about what they specialise in

We also offer a range of different demonstrations that are both informative and in some cases full of action – all performed in our own – show and tell approach, be it the “ history of the sword “, “ Scottish Heroes “ , “ Arming the knights “, “ fashion through the Ages “ and even “ have a go Archery “. There is something there for everyone. Our group have spent a considerable amount of time and research to ensure that what you see is to as high a standard of authenticity as possible, but it is never taken for granted and we continue to learn through our research and commitment.

As well as a full medieval encampment specially designed for large 2 day event we can provide smaller shows better suited to 1 day event or even indoor venues, so if you are planning an event and looking for something different, Medieval Realm can add a touch of colour and pageantry that will bring history alive.